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Artist Bio

Adaptation of nature and what could be

Following my “Street art” series –

Within an ongoing study of our collective behavior in a city environment, my new series of artwork focuses on the balance between man and nature and visually studies an impact irony that became evident during my research over the past 2 years.

There is a “circle of balance or imbalance” active between our environment and our behavior. 

The land under the majority of our cities was once either rainforest or bush lands, with a potable water source, usually a river system, on the coast.

Upon arrival, we vigorously and thoughtlessly dismantled the existing environment, establishing the villages that became our towns, which subsequently grew to become the concrete, glass and steel jungles we now call “home”.

The irony is that we cleared and developed so much we decimated the natural environment that attracted us in the first place, which had flourished in these places since the last ice age.

Later, in an unintentional memorial to the lost flora and fauna, we built factories, which produce plastic copies of the very plants that gave way to our quest to spread out and we now use these as decoration in our buildings, which stand where the infinitely better “real nature” used to be, much of which was lost forever.

This series portrays the city in its majestic grittiness but with nature clawing back, to re-establish a hold of the crumbling aspects of what we will eventually leave behind.

I am taking a slightly more surreal and dreamlike approach to the presence of people and creatures in this work; allowing nature to share the forefront. This is to represent our perpetual forward motion and change within the structural honeycomb that is our city.

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Curriculum Vittae 

Held in Private Collections across Australia, America and throughout Asia . 


Completed public street art installations in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Commenced new series and genre: “Nature reclaiming the urban environment”; artwork for competitions and exhibition.

Continuation, by invitation, of solo exhibition pieces, at Alchemy Restaurant and Bar, Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane.


Solo exhibition at REDSEA Gallery, Brisbane.

Completed public street art installations in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Researched ideas and locations, for transitioning to new series of subject matter.


Entered  the Sir John Sulman Art Prize, Sydney.

Entered Wynne Prize, Sydney.

Commenced work for upcoming solo exhibition.

Carried out research trip to Fiji, for subject matter for future series.


Finalist in the Sir John Sulman Art Prize, Sydney.

Invited to participate at the Tattersall’s Landscape Art Award, in Brisbane, in August 2012.

Solo Exhibition at REDSEA Gallery, Brisbane.


Commenced representation and exhibited with both REDSEA Gallery, Brisbane and Singapore.

Finalist in 2011 Wynne Prize (Landscape, Sculpture or Figurative), Sydney.

Donated paintings to "Make a Wish Foundation", helping to raise over $10 000 for children with terminal illnesses.

Commenced a new  series of street-art-themed artwork for future competitions and exhibitions.


Solo exhibition with Gallery 2120, Newstead.

Entered  Archibald Art Prize, Sydney.

Entered Doug Moran Art Prize, Sydney.


Commenced representation with Gallery 2120 (formerly Dean Reilly Gallery).

Solo exhibition in October at Gallery 2120, Newstead, QLD.

Commenced position in October as resident artist for "Scales & Tails Australia" national herpetology magazine.


Solo Exhibition in July at Charles Ginn Galleries, Paddington, QLD.

Hosted outdoor landscape painting weekend workshop, Gold Coast Hinterland, QLD.


Joint Exhibition with Andy Wild and Corinne Lewis, Charles Ginn Galleries, Paddington, QLD.


Group Exhibition of 5 artists - The Arts Factory, South Brisbane, QLD.

Moving Canvas joint exhibition “Discovery” - Central Plaza One (by invite only).


Moving Canvas joint art exhibition - Central Plaza One, Brisbane QLD (by invite only).

Joint Exhibition with Andy Wild and Matt Cheyne by invite - Charles Ginn Galleries, Paddington, QLD.


Commenced representation with Charles Ginn Galleries, Brisbane.


Commenced representation with Lapart, with Skye Leong.

Art 2000 Gallery Sydney, NSW - Joint art exhibition with professional artist Patrick Miller.


(Corporate Collection) Commissioned to supply 74 original pastel paintings to Boat Haven Resort, Ayrlie Beach, QLD.

Charles Ginn Galleries - Annual Group Artists’ Exhibition (by invite only).


Interior Decorators’ Expo Australia (I.D.E.A.) Parklands, QLD - People’s Choice Award.


Beenleigh Art Society Annual Exhibition - Judges Choice Award
Highly Commended - Fine Art Open Class

Highly Commended - Australian Wildlife Flora & Fauna

Ormeau Regional Art Show - People’s Choice Award


Beenleigh Show QLD 1st Prize - Seascape (any medium)

1st Prize - Animal Study (any medium)

1st Prize - Still Life Pastel

1st Prize - Masters Copy (any medium)


Bentley Art Show NSW People’s Choice Award

Gold Coast Show QLD 2nd Prize - Contemporary Painting

Highly Commended - Contemporary Painting

Beenleigh Show QLD 1st Prize - Figure (any medium)

Highly Commended - Figure (any medium)

2nd Prize - Any Painting (any medium)

Highly Commended - Seascape (any medium)


Beenleigh Show QLD 1st Prize - Insect Study (any medium)

2nd Prize - Any Painting (any medium)

2nd Prize - Still Life Pastel

Highly Commended - Figure Section


Kyogle Show NSW 1st Prize - Pastel Portrait

1st Prize - Still Life

1st Prize - Pastel (any other subject)

1st Prize - Water Colour (any other subject)

1st Prize - Charcoal Section

2nd Prize - Charcoal Section