Australian Artist

Painting for over 30 years, Luke Barker has evolved his skills and artwork to cover many topics.
Recently focusing on people and their lifestyles in various settings around the world, Luke’s work captures a diverse array of who we are and how we function on a daily basis.

Not just an Artist, A creator.

Luke works in many mediums across the creative field, life is an art in motion for him.
Bonsai to oils, graphite, photography, sculpture and mixed medium.


Studying works of masters for years,
Luke uses many drawing styles in an 
often mixed fashion, to depict accuracy 
and form to capture imagery.


Luke studies and learns techniques of 
many craftsmen to adapt to 
hand making custom objects and 
sculptured pieces of art.


Predominantly a realist painter,
Luke uses colour and light-play in his work
To capture the unique atmosphere, emotion and vibrancy of his scenes.

An Artist

when you talk about the artist who was born with a paintbrush in his hand, not only him but further generations

Luke’s Latest News of his creations

Watch this space for words on my latest creations and what I’m thinking to create next, your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated